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Join MSD Brinny and Invent, Impact, Inspire


MSD Brinny is a leading facility for the development, testing and manufacturing of new biologics and vaccines, exporting to over 90 countries across the world. A number of new roles are being created in Brinny as a result of increased global demand for MSD medicines and vaccines which will also see the site further expand its production facilities and capacity to meet this demand.

If you want to belong to a team that makes a difference and are committed to inventing for life, MSD Brinny in Co. Cork, Ireland, would like to hear from you.

Technical Operations Director


The MSD site in Brinny, Cork, has a long and proud tradition of manufacturing excellence as well as a strong legacy in the biopharmaceutical sector. With a team of approximately 500 people MSD Brinny specialises in the late-stage development and commercial supply of biotech products, including some of the company's most successful and life-changing treatments for oncology, hepatitis C and rheumatoid arthritis.

The Brinny site has been a vibrant part of the local Innishannon community for nearly 35 years and is now one of the region’s largest employers.

Welcome to your future

Featured jobs in MSD Brinny

ENG003809 Senior Technical Transfer Specialist Cork, Ireland
ENG003294 Technical Operations Director Cork, Ireland
CHE005619 Process Engineer, Senior Specialist, Global Engineering Solutions (GES) Cork, Ireland
ENG003836 Associate Technical Specialist - Technology Transfer Vaccines IPT Cork, Ireland
ENG003014 Site Engineering Safety Systems Lead Cork, Ireland
MAN004259 Process Lead - Vaccines Cork, Ireland
ENG003740 Technical Specialists, Technical Centre of Excellence Cork, Ireland
MAN005187 Process Technical Specialists Cork, Ireland
ENG003820 Vaccines Associate Director of Engineering Cork, Ireland
ENG003338 Senior Validation Specialist (Vaccines) Cork, Ireland
ENG003747 Senior Technical Specialist, Technical Centre of Excellence Cork, Ireland
PRO017484 Senior Specialist, EU-Global Technical Operation Biologics Cork, Ireland
SUP001371 Warehouse Program Lead Cork, Ireland
ENG003906 Senior Technology Transfer Specialist (Technical Centre of Excellence) Cork, Ireland
ENG003308 Vaccines IPT Utilities Engineering Manager Cork, Ireland
MAN005375 Associate Biologics Technical Specialist Cork, Ireland
CHE005557 Associate Director, Process Engineering (Global Engineering Solutions) Cork, Ireland
ENG003997 Vaccines Technical Transfer Lead (Associate Director) Cork, Ireland
QUA007676 Bioassay Supervisor Cork, Ireland
PRO017494 Clean Utilities Engineer Cork, Ireland
ENG003996 Materials Review Board (MRB) Lead Cork, Ireland
ENG003949 Process Development Technical Specialist Cork, Ireland
ENG003950 Process Development Technical Specialist Cork, Ireland
MAN005475 Process Microbiologist Sterile (18 month contract) Cork, Ireland
QUA007706 Quality Laboratory Analysts Cork, Ireland
SUP001434 Supply Chain Planner Cork, Ireland
MAN005190 Process Operative Technician Cork, Ireland
ENG004028 Engineering Lead - Sterile Cork, Ireland