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Join MSD and shape the future of healthcare in Ireland and around the world

At MSD Ireland, we are committed to ‘Inventing for Life’ in all that we do, collaborating to discover new medicines that treat the world’s most significant health challenges and benefit patients globally.

MSD Ireland is one of the country’s leading healthcare companies, having been first established here over 50 years ago.

We currently employ over 1,700 employees, across four sites in Ballydine, Co. Tipperary, Brinny, Co. Cork, Carlow and Dublin and, in addition, operate substantial Human Health and Animal Health businesses.

To date, we have invested €2.2 billion in our Irish operations and, currently, our Irish sites manufacture approximately half of MSD’s top twenty products, saving and enhancing lives in over sixty countries around the world.

With almost 70,000 employees operating in more than 140 countries, you will be joining one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

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Featured jobs in MSD Ireland

QUA006303 Associate Director of Microbiology Carlow, Ireland
PLA000190 Site Lead MSD Biotech Dublin Dublin, Ireland
MAN004941 Director, Drug Substance Operations (Upstream) Dublin, Ireland
MAN004942 Director, Drug Substance Operations (Downstream) Dublin, Ireland
OFF000176 Executive Assistant Dublin, Ireland
MAN004943 Associate Director, Drug Substance Operations (Upstream) Dublin, Ireland
MAN004944 Associate Director, Drug Substance Operations (Downstream) Dublin, Ireland
HUM005259 HR Lead, MSD Biotech Dublin Dublin, Ireland
BUS002572 Senior IT Analyst Enterprise Systems - Senior Specialist Dublin, Ireland


Take a look at life at MSD Ireland

So, if you are ready to:


solutions to meet unmet healthcare needs


the future by driving MSD’s position as one of the world’s leading healthcare companies


your colleagues and work closely to push the boundaries of science and technology